How to cancel a scheduled Quartz job in Spring

I'm using Spring to inject a Quartz scheduler (abstracted with Spring's TaskScheduler interface) into my app that loads jobs configured from a database at startup.

It adds each job in the scheduler something like this:

TaskScheduler taskScheduler = ...;//injected    
Runnable runableThing = ...;
String cronExpression = ...; //from DB
taskScheduler.schedule(runableThing, new CronTrigger(cronExpression));

my question is this: Is it possible to specify something like a job_id that can subsequently be used to cancel the job/trigger - say in response to a user selecting the job to be cancelled in the web interface?

I've looked at the Spring docs and can't see a way to do this.

Any ideas gratefully received.

задан ThisaruG 7 November 2019 в 09:02