Use of doxygen's \link command

I have an external HTML file I'd like to have linked form either my doxygen "Related Pages" tab or the left hand frame. It seems I need to use the \link command but I can't find a good example of how to use it or where. I am currently using doxywizard to generate the HTML.

So, is \link something I incorporate into my doxygen config file or do I add it when I build the HTML somehow?


So I ended up having to do the following:

  1. Create a new page (docs_main.html) that had the following:

    /*! \mainpage MY TITLE HERE
     * \section intro_sec External resources
     * My external page
  2. Include that page in my doxygen included files list

  3. Rebuild my documentation

That added to my doxygen "Main Page" the following


My external page (which was a link to that page)

задан Chris 17 August 2012 в 10:53